Minimalistic guide to Launch Azure Red Hat OpenShift Cluster

Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) is a fully-managed service of Red Hat OpenShift on Azure, Jointly engineered, managed, and supported by Microsoft and Red Hat.

  • Azure account with portal access
  • Make sure your Azure User account has Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments/write permissions, such as User Access Administrator or Owner more info here
  • The default Azure resource quota for a new Azure subscription is 10 and does not meet this requirement. Increase quota from 10 to minimum 40 by following this guide
  • Launch Azure Cloud Shell from Azure Portal (top right).
  • Export some variables that we will often use in the rest of the tutorial.
  • Verify the quota
  • Grab subscription ID from Azure Portal
  • (GUI) Grab OpenShift Console URL and credentials
  • (CLI) Install OpenShift Client oc

The experience of launching OpenShift cluster from Azure Cloud Shell aro is very simple and easy. Hope this guide helps you, See You Next Time o/



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