Part-IV : Convert Keras Model to TensorFlow SavedModel Format

4 Part blog series : Documenting the learnings of my experimentation on Object Detection using Keras, Tensorflow


TF Saved Model Format : A single SavedModel may represent multiple graph definitions as MetaGraphDef protocol buffers. Weights and other variables usually aren’t stored inside the file during training. Instead, they’re held in separate checkpoint files


If you like to follow along, refer to 4_convert_keras_model_to_tensorflow_savedmodel_format.ipynb jupyter notebook from my repository. Below are the implementation steps, the following program loads up keras model files and convert that to tensorflow SavedModel format *.pb

  • Finally, let’s use this newly created TensorFlow SavedModel file and try to do inferencing (detect license plate)


  • In this blog, we have learned how to converted keras h5 model file to tensorflow SavedModel format
  • We have validated that the newly created TF SavedModel works by detecting license plate from input image

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